Ambi Moorthy: Visionary Leader and Entrepreneur

Ambi Moorthy: Visionary Leader and Entrepreneur

Early Career and Founding

Ambi Moorthy, CEO and Co-Founder of, has a rich background in product marketing and management. Before launching in January 2022, Ambi served as the Global Head of Partner Development at Zoho Corporation, managing CRM and SaaS partnerships. His extensive experience in the SaaS industry was instrumental in founding with co-founder Rahul. Together, they bootstrapped the company to success, focusing on creating high-quality, user-friendly products that received positive feedback for their UI/UX design.

Struggles and Growth

Ambi’s entrepreneurial journey was not without its challenges. The transition from a stable corporate role at Zoho to the uncertain terrain of a startup was daunting. Bootstrapping meant that Ambi and his team had to be resourceful and strategic with limited funds. There were times when financial constraints threatened the progress of their projects, requiring them to make tough decisions and prioritize essential features.

Despite these challenges, Ambi’s resilience and determination drove the company’s growth. He leveraged his extensive network from his Zoho days to secure early customers and feedback, which was crucial for refining their products. Ambi’s ability to pivot and adapt to market needs helped navigate initial hurdles and achieve significant milestones.

Other Ventures

Ambi Moorthy’s entrepreneurial journey includes several successful ventures:

  • Project 10X: A stealth-mode B2B SaaS startup focused on innovative products. This venture, where Ambi was the Product Manager and Co-Founder, laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the SaaS domain.
  • Natural Infusions: A direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand in the health and wellness sector. This bootstrapped venture has achieved significant revenue milestones, reaching 3 crores, and is both profitable and impactful.

Contributions to the Startup Ecosystem

Ambi Moorthy has significantly contributed to the startup ecosystem through his involvement with the Aalamaram Startup Incubator. This incubator was founded to support first-generation entrepreneurs, especially from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Aalamaram focuses on long-term R&D, providing a fully equipped workspace, mentorship, and funding to help startups grow without the burden of overhead expenses. Over two years, Aalamaram has incubated 19 startups, created more than 80 jobs, and generated a combined revenue of $1.5 million. This initiative has had a significant economic impact, particularly in less urbanized areas.

Mission and Vision

Ambi’s mission revolves around creating impactful and innovative SaaS products that enhance business operations while fostering a people-first culture. He emphasizes employee happiness and well-being, believing that a supportive work environment translates into better products and services. Ambi’s vision is to make GoZen a significant player in the SaaS industry, driven by trust, authenticity, and a focus on employee success. His leadership at is characterized by investing in employee happiness, which he believes directly contributes to the company’s success.


Ambi Moorthy’s leadership and innovative approach have earned him significant praise from various leaders and peers in the startup ecosystem. Colleagues at Zoho Corporation and those involved with his other ventures commend him for his leadership and innovative approach. Leaders in the industry often highlight Ambi’s ability to create impactful products and his dedication to supporting first-generation entrepreneurs through initiatives like the Aalamaram Startup Incubator. His contributions to the startup ecosystem are well-regarded, with many appreciating his mentorship and focus on sustainable business practices.


Ambi Moorthy exemplifies visionary leadership and dedication to innovation and employee well-being. Through his ventures and contributions to the startup ecosystem, he continues to inspire and drive positive change in the business world. His focus on creating impactful SaaS products, combined with a people-first approach, sets a benchmark for sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship. Ambi’s journey from managing global partnerships at Zoho to founding successful startups demonstrates his commitment to innovation, excellence, and fostering a supportive entrepreneurial environment.

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