Started with Rs 500 Now Making in Lakhs : Story of Sudhan

Started with Rs 500 Now Making in Lakhs

Meet Sudhan, a young lad from Theni district whose journey into digital marketing is truly inspiring.

When he was 17 years old, one day, he learned about a word called digital marketing on YouTube. So he decided to start learning about that using Google and YouTube. After that, he decided to start a small drop-shipping business to practice digital marketing using that. 

Starting Digital Marketing

A few months later, he started with his two friends and 500 rupees.  He mentioned that in the beginning, they were so confident that they would get lots of clients, but nothing happened. He decided to tweak their approach a bit.

After reaching multiple business owners in person, none of them converted. So he decided to create a small marketing plan for them while meeting, and that worked well. That was how he got his first client, and he also started creating content on Instagram about how he was running his agency.

Their efforts on Instagram started paying off too. Sudhan’s talent for creating engaging content became their superpower. Now, their Instagram reels get lots of attention, bringing in clients without them having to do much extra work.

Now he is studying 2nd year in college. Doing college as part-time and running a digital marketing agency full-time. 

Giving Back

In another part of Sudhan’s story, when he was a kid, he, along with his brother and mother, had a tough time and had to live in an orphanage for five years because of family problems. After Sudhan started making money, he gave some of it to the orphanage as a way to say thank you for helping them when they needed it most.

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