Yubi Story – A Fintech Revolutionizing Business Lending in Chennai

Yubi Story - A Fintech Revolutionizing Business Lending in Chennai

In today’s financial landscape, investing in debt instruments emerges as a lucrative avenue, crucial for sustaining economic momentum. Within this domain, the debt market plays a pivotal role, offering a diverse array of investment opportunities. Among its offerings, secured and unsecured debts stand as prominent categories, shaping the financial landscape and propelling economic growth.

Yubi’s Genesis and Evolution

Established in 2020 as ‘CredAvenue,’ now rebranded as ‘Yubi,’ the company emerged as a leading player in India’s debt marketplace. Founded by Gaurav Kumar and Vineet Sukumar in Chennai, Yubi embarked on a mission to revolutionize India’s debt markets, catering to the diverse capital needs of businesses. Initially conceived as a credit infrastructure platform, CredAvenue aimed to streamline debt transactions, serving as a comprehensive hub for market participants.

In June 2022, the company underwent a transformative rebranding, adopting the name ‘Yubi’ to signify its expanded vision and global aspirations. With a renewed focus on becoming a ubiquitous presence in the loan ecosystem, Yubi seeks to unlock the true potential of enterprises by enhancing access to capital.

Founders and Leadership

At the helm of Yubi are Gaurav Kumar and Vineet Sukumar, seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in the financial sector. Gaurav Kumar, also the CEO, brings a distinguished track record, having founded successful ventures like Northern Arc Capital and Vivriti Capital. With a vision to drive change through innovation, the founders lead Yubi’s journey towards reshaping the debt finance landscape.

Yubi’s Mission and Vision

Yubi’s mission revolves around creating a transparent, responsible, and trusted financial solution, facilitating the realization of dreams into reality. The company envisions expanding the debt market, empowering Indian businesses with enhanced funding opportunities to fuel growth and innovation.

Yubi’s Offerings

Yubi’s comprehensive platform offers a range of products tailored to meet diverse capital requirements:

  1. Yubi Pools: Facilitating securitization and portfolio monitoring.
  2. Yubi Co.lend: Empowering banks and NBFCs to collaborate in co-lending ventures.
  3. Yubi Loans: Digitized platform streamlining the loan application and approval process.
  4. Yubi Flow: End-to-end supply chain finance solutions.
  5. Yubi Invest: Leading fixed-income platform offering diverse investment options.
  6. Yubi Build: Catering to real estate and infrastructure financing needs.

Business Model and Revenue Streams

As a digital marketplace intermediary, Yubi connects businesses with a vast network of lenders and investors, streamlining the borrowing process. The company generates revenue through:

  • Take Rate Fee: Charging a commission for facilitating loan disbursals.
  • Assets Under Management (AUM): Earning from interest and fees associated with managed assets.
  • Transaction Volume: Generating income through transactions facilitated on its platform.

Growth Trajectory and Future Plans

Yubi’s growth trajectory is marked by its expanding presence, diverse product offerings, and a robust network of enterprises and lenders. With plans to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the company aims to enhance its IT capabilities, leveraging advanced services for improved performance and scalability.

As Yubi continues to innovate and expand its footprint, it remains poised to redefine India’s debt market landscape, unlocking new avenues of growth and prosperity for businesses nationwide.

By embracing innovation and fostering trust, Yubi paves the way for a dynamic and inclusive financial ecosystem, propelling India’s economic aspirations forward.

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