Pepul Story

Pepul Story

Pepul started in 2020 with Suresh as the leader. It’s like a new place online for people to connect, kind of like Facebook but safer. Suresh really wanted to make a place where people could feel good and trust each other.

Vc Money

To make Pepul happen, Suresh needed money. He asked a lot of rich people called Venture Capitalists (VCs) for help. He only chose 20 out of 700 because they believed in Pepul’s idea, not just making money. Suresh is super sure about Pepul. He believes in it a lot and wants it to be great. His confidence helps Pepul grow and improve.

Making Pepul Special

Pepul is different from other social media because it cares about privacy and being nice. Suresh made sure it’s safe and friendly. You can even verify who you are to stop fake accounts.

Suresh thinks everyone can do big things, no matter where they’re from. He hires people from small towns and helps them become great at their jobs.

What’s Next

Even though Pepul is still small compared to Facebook, Suresh thinks it can become big. He’s inspired by other small ideas that grew huge, like Facebook itself. Pepul’s journey is just beginning, but Suresh believes it can make a big difference.


Pepul is like a new kid in the playground of social media. With Suresh leading the way, it aims to be a safe and friendly place for everyone to connect. While it’s still growing, Pepul has big dreams and hopes to change the way people see social media.

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